Imaging in ENT (ears, sinuses, tongue, mouth, pharyngo-larynx...) requires both specific anatomical expertise and a good knowledge of the different pathologies.

Your ENT MRI / CT-scan

CT and MRI scans are often complementary in ENT imaging, covering various facial pathologies, including salivary glands (parotid glands, salivary lithiasis…), sinuses (acute or chronic sinusitis, aspergillosis, nasosinus polyposis…), analyzing the mandible and masticator spaces (with the possibility of taking dynamic open- and closed-mouth images), as well as the upper aerodigestive tracts (tongue, pharynx, larynx, parathyroid and cervical ganglia).

The initial approach to pathologies of the ear and temporal bone (malformations, otosclerosis, hearing assessment prior to cochlear implant, cholesteatoma…) is through a CT-scan centered on the temporal bone, studying the different bone structures (ossicles, labyrinthine walls…), facial nerve canal.  An additional MRI of the internal auditory canal may be necessary for a precise and detailed (sub-millimetric) anatomical analysis of the nerves and inner ear fluids and their pathologies (e.g., schwannoma of the VIII nerve, neurinoma, Meniere’s disease, assessment prior to cochlear implant…).

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